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15 Signs of Socal Media Addiction

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There was a time when people had actual conversations with real people, face to face, and when they got bored they suffered through it. Now with 500+ people available at our fingertips, if we get bored in a real life situation, there are many other people to talk to …; instantly! In fact, nowadays, real life seems less attractive than floating around in cyberspace where we are king if we have the most followers. We all seem to have developed a type of turrets syndrome, where the first thought that enters our minds we feel compelled to instantly tweet. Taking pictures used to be more personal. It involved having your camera with you and choosing carefully which pictures to take for our own special photo album. Now everything we eat, see, or do, is a photo opportunity that is immediately posted for the world to see. And there’s no such thing as being out for the evening because we check-in at every location, especially if we are somewhere that everyone wants to be. Technology is a great tool to propel society further, but not when it becomes an obsession. If three of more of these behaviors apply to you, then you may very well be …; a social media addict!


You need your dose of FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, etc. more than once a day